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I have, to some extent, attempted to explain in plain common man's words,  various definitions and / or meanings involved in various astrological aspects.
A common man perhaps in most cases can not learn astrology even to its elementary stage - and yet - this is an attempt to throw some light with my limited knowledge, so that the common man will have some understanding about his own horoscope.
Our Raasi Chakra consists of 12 houses.  Each house commencing from Mesham almost represents a Tamil month commencing from Chithirai.  This represents the transition of Sooriyan along the Raasi Chakra during the course of the 12 months commencing from Chithirai in an year.

Each Raasi is divided into 9 parts comprising two and a quarter Nakshatras which forms the pathway along which all the nine planets traverse in their orbit around Sooriyan.

When Chandran (Moon) traverses in a particular Raasi at a particular time (of birth), it is considered to be the Raasi of the particular Horoscope.

The Lagna is a different aspect of a Horoscope.  It is not the Raasi of the Horoscope
Kataga Raasi
Punarpoosam 4 Paadam, Poosam & Ayilyam
Rishaba Raasi
Karthigai 2, 3, & 4 Paadam
Rohini, Mrigaseersham
1&2 Paadam
Meena Raasi
Poorattathi 4 Paadam, Uthirattathi, Revathi
Kumba Raasi
Avittam 3 & 4  Paadam,
1, 2 & 3 Paadam
Mesha Raasi
Aswini,  Bharani, 
Karthigai 1 Paadam
Makara Raasi
Uthiradam 2, 3 & 4
Avittam 1 & 2  Paadam
Midhuna Raasi
Mrigaseersham 3&4 Paadam
1 , 2 & 3 Paadam
Simha Raasi
Maham, Pooram,
Uthiram 1 Paadam
Dhanur Raasi
Moolam, Pooradam,
Uthiradam 1 Paadam
Vrichiga Raasi
Visakam 4 Paadam,
Anusham, Kettai
Kanni Raasi
Uthiram 2, 3 & 4 Paadam,
Chithirai 1 & 2 Paadam
Thula Raasi
Chithirai 3 & 4 Paadam,
1, 2 & 3 Paadam
The Lagna is the time derivative of the position of Sooriyan in a Horoscope.  When a person is born in the Chithirai month of an year, naturally Sooriyan will be in Mesha Raasi.

There is a time factor of Sooriyan assigned to each Raasi.  For instance Mesham is assigned approximately four and one fourth Nazhigai or one hour and forty two minutes. 

In Tamil Astro terminology, this is called Sooriya Iruppu.  This Sooriya Iruppu is being spent or passed through every day and after the last minutes in the last day of a Tamil month, this Sooriya Iruppu will be zero and the Sooriya Iruppu for the next month will commence.  Different months have different durations Sooriya Iruppu.

The birth time is taken into account and Sooriya Iruppu reaminder of the birth month on the birth date is added with the Sooriya Iruppu of the subsequent months after taking taking into account the Sun Rise time at the birth time.

The Raasi in which the birth time falls when the Sooriya Iruppu of subsequent  months are added to the initial value, it is the Lagna of the Horoscope.  This is the basis of Lagna in a Horoscope.
The changes in cultural behaviour of the Indian Communities have to be born in mind in arriving at some critical conclusions.  Women re-marriage after the demise of the husband was something unimaginable in olden days.  Now, conditions have altogether changed.  When there is an indication or a probability in a boy's horoscope for a remarriage, the same principle was not adopted or followed in a girl's horoscope.

In the advanced cultural change, a girl's remarriage is also a probability if there is an indication to that effect.  This aspect need not and rather should not be overlooked in a girl's horoscope.

The man was the bread winner of the family and the girl was only a home-maker.

This is the basis on which the olden conclusions were derived in respect of certain aspects of horoscope study.  In the modern days, the girl is equally educated, employed and making her own resources to the family.

The prospects of Jeevana Sthanam, as taken into consideration in respect of a Boy's Horoscope, now carries equal weight in respect of a girl.
While studying a girl's horoscope, it is imperative that her strength and probabilities of opportunities for a career should be given consideration as if it is applied to a Boy's Horoscope.

In the modern day scenario, a person has to shift from place to place on account of his/her education.  It is not like staying in the ancestral village or town and pursue their livelihood.

Many of our predictions were based on the fact that the horoscope was settled in a permanent place and looked into its prospects  of direction of living and marriage.

Even today, a horoscope will indicate a good number of children.  Even in villages, now awareness of family planning is widespread and no one is prepared to have more than one or two children.
In several horoscopes, Puthra Bakyam will be strong without any impediment.  If we look into their actual life, they will be longing for a child for many years since their marriage.

The reason is not the horoscope or our forefathers who have guided predictions in a certain defined line.  It is the present environmental factor that changes the whole picture.

The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we consume are all polluted in one form or the other.  If these factors were allowed to remain natural, the predictions will be perfectly right. 

Our ancestors would not have foreseen a human polluted earth and living conditions.  They have drawn their guidelines consistent with nature.
All the social, economic, educational, employment statuses and privileges that a Boy enjoys and enjoyed in the past as well,  are equally available to the Girl in the modern days.  In some areas, the Girls are rather greater than the Boys.

The only factor that requires a Girl's Horoscope has to be considered as different is that, a Girl remains a weaker gender by nature and needs to be socially protected.

Her responsibilities to the family is still a predominant factor while her education and employment puts on her shoulders added stress and responsibilities.

Astrology in the modern days has to be approached bearing in mind the real challenges and changes given unto it  and a horoscope has to be approached with maximum possible caution bearing in mind the changing socio-economic order not simply depending on the arithmatics of the calculations.
In Vedic period, the man was the bread winner of the family.  The women were home makers taking care of the internal affairs of the family.

As such, Predictive Astrology took mainly two things into consideration - one the prospects and prosperity of the bread winner, the man and the protection and safety of the home maker, the women.

The education and employment or earning prospects were emphasized on the man.  These are the underlying truth on which the system of astrology was evolved in ancient days.

The socio-economic conditions that prevailed in those ancient periods of time were different.   The present diversified areas of education, employment, commerce and industry did not prevail in those days.

The family structure was almost joint family system and living was almost confined to a particular place, city or village.

The social order also was different.  Women education and employment were not so prevalent.

The present day scenario is altogether different.  The women are equally or even more educated than men.  Women are also shoulder the responsibility of economic burdens.  They also work and hold high offices and make big fortunes out of their education and work.

These are all some of the factors which influence a different line of thinking on predictive astrology.  Arriving at some conclusions on certain areas of predictions can not be made as straight as it was done in olden days.

Astrology Topics

Predictive Astrology  is a matter of probabilities.  It is not a certainity and as well it is not a simple possibility.  When an astrological conclusion is arrived at, several factors influencing the conclusions are considered and then a prediction is given.  Factors like Lagna, the position of Navagraha in a horoscope, their Nakshatra Paadam (called zodiac constellation), the Nakshatra (Birth Star), Raasi (Moon Sign), and several Yogas, permutations and combinations in the consideration of the horoscope are involved, when a conclusion / prediction is made.

One thing we have to bear in mind is that, a study of a horoscope does not provide for endless possibilities for predictions.

Study of a horoscope has its own limitations.  One can not go beyond the limitations and say something as a prediction.  There is always a risk  of  concoted theories that rather threatens an incumbent.  Astrology, like Numerology and Vaasthu Sastra, addresses several problems of life.  But it should not be taken for granted that astrology addresses all the problems of life.
Nowadays, the need for making all these turbulent calculations and looking for the Sun Rise time in a particular place are all offset with the advent of technology - We greatly owe our gratitude to eminent Astrologers like KP, BVR and several others who had shifted the local timings to the global level and who made out everything needed to cast a horoscope with the Local Time, Time Zone and Latitude and Longitude of the Place of Birth.

Now all the turbulent calculations are programmed into software and readily available on the click of the mouse of the computer.

The Lagna plays the vital role in revealing what the Horoscope holds in store for the respective individual.  It is not simply enough if one knows his Nakshatra and Raasi.   There are several details that need to be considered while examining a Horoscope or looking for a matching for marriage.

It is better to learn things.  But when it comes to the matter of examining a horoscope with an objective purpose, better consult an Astrologer who can tell you if you are having a favourable wind or otherwise.  
So, trying an answer to some questions relating to marriages, directions, number of children and even child birth and so on, will not take us in the proper direction in the changed socio-economic order.

It is meaningful to take the present socio-economic changes into consideration before we conclude on any horoscope.

The present social order widely accepts legal divorce of a marriage.

In olden days, the term divorce itself did not have a meaning in life.   If a man or woman got separated from his/her spouse, it was considered a separation and the marriage itself can not and was not considered as cancelled, annulled or nullified.

These are also some developments that the new age has seen over time.

In the modern scenario ...

When the Boy is educated - the Girl is equally educated or even educated a step higher than the Boy.   When the Boy earns and supports the family, the Girl also equally does - and in some cases the Girls are in higher layer of income and official responsibilities.   When the Boy makes social interactions and establishes social relations, equally does the Girl.
The cosmic effects on the Individuals on the Earth are the study of Astrology.

Predictive Astrology was invented by Maharishi Parasarar and was further developed by several Siddhars and Maha Rishis.  The sunrise in the East and sunset in the West are the apparent views from the view point of the Earth.  The Earth rotates in a west-easterly direction and this rotation gives us the view that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  This is the actual fact.  The Sun Rise and Sun Set are apparent views.

Likewise, all the planets including the Earth and the Moon in the Solar family are orbiting the Sun.  This is the actual view.

How they look like (like the Sun Rise in the East and Sun Set in the West) from the Earth's view point, is the apparent picture that is being drawn in a Horoscope Chart also known as Natal Chart.

Predictive Astrology involves the permutations and combinations of multi-various aspects of a horoscope, including the position of Lagna, the Navagrahas and the horoscope chart itself.

It counts on the Birth Star (Nakshatra) of the individual to arrive at the influence of different Grahas in different time spans of life.   Predictive Astrology provides the grounds for probabilities in a horoscope.  The findings of an Astrologer in a horoscope study are the probabilities that might happen to that horoscope.  It is neither a possibility nor an affirmed conclusion.

Predictive Astrology is age old and the probabilities envisaged in Astrological findings are based on the then being socio-economic conditions.  As the ages advanced, several things in the worldly life have changed and have acquired new dimensions.