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Astrology   >>>  Lagna & the 12 Houses
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The Lagna is the time derivative of the position of the Sun.   It represents the soul and body of the individual to whom the Horoscope pertains.

Lagna is the base house, from which all the other 11 houses in a horoscope are assessed.    The Lord Graha of the Lagna is the Lagnathipathi.

If the Lagnathipathi is well positioned, strong enough and aspected by Subha Graha like Guru, Sukran, Budhan the individual will have a healthy long life.     It will also render a good social standing for the individual.    The Lagna is the first house in a horoscope.

All other houses in a Horoscope are counted from the Lagna and identified as 2nd, 3rd, 4th houses and so on until the 12th house.

Generally this is marked (In a Tamil Horoscope) in Tamil letter "La" or is written 'Lagnam' .  In English this written as ASC representing the word Ascendant.
Each Lagna is defined with some characteristics.  The Yoga Baavams of a Horoscope is calculated from the Lagna, dependant on the relative position of Grahas from the Lagna and the status of the Navagrahas.

The Yoga Baavams are not concluded simply on the basis of the Lagna alone.  Lagna is the beginning step from which various aspects of life are assessed and it is not all conclusive in the predictions.
We will see in various other pages of this website, what can probably be concluded on any given situation in a horoscope.

Only on seeing the different situations, the strength of Lagna can be really recognized.

If the Lagnathipathi is strong enough and in a Subha Kshetra in the horoscope, it can be concluded that the effects of other Yoga Baavams in the horoscope work in their respective proper order.
If the Lagnathipathi is weak  or  if the Lagnathipathi is associated with Paabha Grahas to the horoscope,  the Yoga Baavam work relatively less.  In other words, when we are given something, we should have the strength to carry it home.   We should have the ability to preserve and develop that something to our advantage.

If we do not have the quality or ability to carry home the benefits, preserve it and develop it, the benefit derived out of any Yoga Baavam will be short lived.  Or it it may not be to the extent that it should be.
This is one significance of the Lagnathipathi.  Another significance is that, even if the Lagnathipathi is an absolute Paabha Graha, any Graha that receives the aspect of the Lagnathipathi will do only favour during their Dasa Periods.

If an absolute Paabha Graha in the horoscope is receiving the aspect of the Lagnathipathi,   the bad effects of the Paabha Graha is considered as nullified or reduced.

When the Lagnathipathi is also the Lord of a Dhur Sthanam (bad places like 6th or 8th house), the Lagnathipathi will play a dual role.  If the Lagnathipathi is well positioned, the effects of the Dhur Sthanam will not prevail.

In such horoscope, if the Lagnathipathi is receiving the aspect of natural Subha Grahas like Guru, Sukran, Budhan etc, the Paabha Palan (bad effects) will be reduced or offset.

So also, if the Lagnathipathi is aspected by the Yoga Karakas to the Horoscope, the Paabha Palan (bad effects) of the Dhur Sthanam will be by and large reduced.
This applies not only to the Lagnathipathi, but it equally applies to all the Lords of all the houses in a horoscope.

As such, what is apparent as bad need not necessarily be bad and what appears to be good need not necessarily be good in a horoscope

In a horoscope chart, there are 12 Raasis commencing from Mesham (Aries) to Meenam (Pisces).

The time derivative of the position of the Sun falls in any one of the 12 Raasis, depending on the birth time, date and place of birth.

If  a child is born in Mesha month (Chithirai month in Tamil Calendar), the Lagna will begin from Mesham at the Sun Rise time and advance through the following Raasis at an interval of approximately between 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours and 12 minutes.  This is only a rough indicator as to how the Lagna time will vary and advance.
Thus, all the 12 Raasis are covered over the day until the next Sun Rise time.  We can roughly assume that one Lagna covers about 2 hours and thus the Lagna will fall in a Raasi depending on how much time was spent between the Sun Rise time and the birth time of the child.

Astrologically this is described as the sidereal position of the Sun (Sooriyan).

The Lagna so derived, is the individual to whom the horoscope pertains.  The Lagna describes the character of the horoscope, its physical appearance, general fortunes of life etc.

The house next to the Lagna in the clockwise direction is the 2nd house, which indicates the education, eloquence, wealth, family, eye sight etc of the horoscope.
The 5th house is called Poorva Punnya Sthanam and Puthra Sthanam.  This house indicates the Karma we have inherited by virtue of deeds and that of our forefathers in the past births and also indicates the prospects of Puthra Bakyam.

The 6th house is called Roha Sthanam.  This represents Roham, Ronam, Chatru, Peedai and all the adverse effects of life.  Generally the health and liability status of the individual and their influence on the horoscope is indicated by this house.

The 7th house is called Kalasthra Sthanam.  This represents the spouse (husband or wife) of the horoscope.  This indicates a broad idea about the marriage and the spouse.
The 3rd house indicates the virulence, bravery, karma, younger brothers and sisters etc of the horoscope.

The 4th house is called Suga Sthanam.  This house indicates the comforts of life, vehicular convenience (Vaahana Bakyam), land and houses, wealth and all general comforts of life.  This house also indicates to some extent the mother and maternal uncle.
The 8th house is called Ayul Sthanam.  This indicates the normal longevity of the life span of the horoscope.  In a girl's horoscope, this carries the significance of her Maangalya Baakyam.  In a girl's horoscope, this is considered as the Maangalya Sthanam.

The 9th house is called Baakya Sthanam.  This house indicates how much the horoscope can actually assimilate in the prosperity and luck available to it.   The stronger this house is in a horoscope, is greater its ability to absorb and utilize the luck and prosperity available to it.  Indirectly, this can be taken as the place of luck.  This house also indicates the father and his status to some extent.

The 10th house is called Jeevana Sthanam.  This indicates the livelihood of the horoscope and its ability to augment wealth and prosperity in life.   This house also indicates the authority and esteem of the profession or career of an individual. The Lord of this house will also indicate endowed karma in respect of our forefathers.

The 11th house is called Laabha Sthanam.   This house indicates the extent of profits or net outcome the horoscope will be able to avail in its efforts for progress and prosperity.

With the strength of this place the ability to express oneself to the outer world or how eloquently the horoscope can communicate its view points  can also be assessed to some extent.  This house also indicates to some extent the status of the elder brothers and elder sisters.

The 12th house is called Viraya Sthanam.  This indicates the expenses or drain of wealth.

This is also called Moksha Sthanam and Sayana Sthanam.  How good is likely our soul rest after our life time is indicated by this house.  This house also indicates the comforts of a peaceful sleep and calm rest in our contemporary life.

The above indicators are very common in nature.  When going into a horoscope for study, the various permutations and combinations that we apply in drawing conclusions, is bound to change and vary from horoscope to horoscope.  This is only a broad idea about the Lagna and the 12 houses including the Lagna in our horoscope.