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Astrology >>>  Nakshatras
Meena Raasi
Poorattathi 4 Paadam, Uthirattathi, Revathi
Kumba Raasi
Avittam 3 & 4  Paadam,
Sadayam, Poorattathi
1, 2 & 3 Paadam
Mesha Raasi
Aswini,  Bharani, 
Karthigai 1 Paadam
Makara Raasi
Uthiradam 2, 3 & 4
Paadam, Thiruvonam,
Avittam 1 & 2  Paadam
Thula Raasi
Chithirai 3 & 4 Paadam,
Visakam 1, 2 & 3 Paadam
Vrichiga Raasi
Visakam 4 Paadam,
Anusham, Kettai
Dhanur Raasi
Moolam, Pooradam,
Uthiradam 1 Paadam
Rishaba Raasi
Karthigai 2, 3, & 4 Paadam
Rohini, Mrigaseersham
1&2 Paadam
Midhuna Raasi
Mrigaseersham 3&4 Paadam, Thiruvadirai, 
Punarpoosam 1 , 2 & 3  (Budhan)
Kanni Raasi
Uthiram 2, 3 & 4 Paadam,
Chithirai 1 & 2 Paadam
Kataga Raasi
Punarpoosam 4 Paadam, Poosam & Ayilyam
Simha Raasi
Maham, Pooram,
Uthiram 1 Paadam
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The Raasi Chakra comprises 12 houses, each house known as a Raasi. These 12 divisions known as Raasis comprise the pathway of Navagrahas.

The pathway of the Chandran (Moon) through the 12 Raasis in the Raasi Chakra is divided into 27 equal parts.

Each part is called a Nakshatra. Thus there are 27 Nakshatras forming the pathway of the transition of Moon and as well all the Navagraha.

The 27 Nakshatras pass through the 12 Raasis.

This necessitates a fraction of a Nakshatra falling in one Raasi and the remaining fraction into the next Raasi.
Each Nakshatra is identified by the quarter parts of it. Each Nakshatra is divided by 4 equal parts and each part is identified as a Paadam.

Thus each of the 12 Raasis comprises two and one quarter of a Nakshatras.
The 27 Nakshatras are listed below
1    Aswini

2    Bharani

3    Krithigai

4    Rohini

5    Mrigaseersham

6    Thiruvadirai

7    Punarpoosam

8    Poosam

9    Ayilyam
10  Maham

11  Pooram

12  Uthiram

13  Hastham

14  Chithirai

15  Swathi

16  Visakam

17  Anusham

18  Kettai
19  Moolam

20  Pooradam

21  Uthiradam

22  Thiruvonam

23  Avittam

24  Sadayam

25  Poorattathi

26  Uthirattathi

27  Revathi
Each Nakshatra falls under the rule one Navagraha.  There are 27 Nakshatras and 9 Grahas (Nava Grahas). Thus each Navagraha is assigned 3 Nakshatras.

(When 27 Nakshatras fall within 12 Raasis, necessarily each Raasi should comprise a fraction of a Nakshatra in addition to the two whole Nakshatras or as the case may be, one full Nakshatra and two Nakshatras in their fractions. (We will see this in a different occasion)

Aswini, Maham, Moolam Nakshatras are assigned to Kethu

Bharani, Pooram, Pooradam Nakshatras are assigned to Sukran

Krithigai, Uthiram, Uthiradam Nakshatras are assigned to Sooriyan

Rohini, Hastham, Thiruvonam Nakshatras are assigned to Chandran

Mrigaseersham, Chithirai, Avittam Nakshatras are assigned to Sevvai

Thiruvadirai, Swathi, Sadayam Nakshatras are assigned to Raahu

Punarpoosam, Visakam, Poorattathi Nakshatras are assigned to Guru

Poosam, Anusham, Uthirattathi Nakshatras are assigned to Sani

Ayilyam, Kettai, Revathi Nakshatras are assigned to Budhan
In Indian Vedic Astrology a day is counted from the Sun Rise of a day and the next Sun Rise of the day.

A Nakshatra in a day need not - and in most cases will not - commence just in the Sun Rise time of the day and end right at the Sun Rise time of the next day.

Normally a day is counted on 60 Naazhigai - equallant to 24 hours  - and a Nakshatra is also purported to traverse for 60 Nazhigai.

But, this duration of 60 Naazhigai is suject to variations depending on different parameters as are applied to arrive at the commencement and completetion of a Nakshatra.

When a child is born in any Nakshatra, it would normally be a point of time during the course of the Nakshatra.

The Nakshatra would have commenced the day before the birth date or if the Nakshatra commences during the same day, it may end on the subsequent day or may end on the same day also.

The total duration of time that a Nakshatra runs from its commencement to completion is the actural duration of the Nakshatra which is considered for the purpose of arriving at the remainder of running Maha Dasa at birth for the child.

The first Maha Dasa of a new born child is the Maha Dasa of the Lord Graha of the Nakshatra in which it is born.  The period that remains to be spent on the first Maha Dasa is calculated in proportion to the ratio of the duration of the Nakshatra spent prior to birth time and duration of Nakshatra to be spent after birth time.