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Krishnaganth Iyer
Raajayogam Astrologer
There are three Categories of Consultations you can avail of from us.
Computer Horoscope Predictions

This is a computer generated Horoscope with General Life Predictions for about 20 years.

Please note that this is not a Horoscope Prediction personally made by  Raajayogam Astrologer.  This is a computer generated prediction based on the Birth Details furnished by you.  The predictions are sent by email upon payment of prescribed charges. 

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Personal Consultations

Under this Category, you can meet Raajayogam Astrologer Krishnaganth Iyer, at his residence with prior appointment over phone or mobile. 

(There are several confusions where a personal consultation is often taken for a telephone consultation).

A Personal Consultation is one where you fix up an appointment and meet Raajayogam Astrologer at his residence in person and get your consultation.  When you leave the Astrologer's room after the consultation, get your Reference Number (File Number), which may be of use later.

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Telephone Consultations

Under this category, you can Consult Raajayogam Astrologer Krishnaganth Iyer, over Telephone, if you are living outside Chennai particularly otherr parts / cities in India, USA & Canada.

Of course, you can avail Consultation from any part of the world over Telephone or Skype..

Skype is not encouraged for conversations from within India, USA & Canada  where a telephone call will do.

You have to submit your Consultation Request in the prescribed Form.  All the information required in the Form should be furnished.  Half hand information and high handed approach will not be tolerated and will not be responded.

Likewise, your City, Country, Phone Numbers & Skype Name should always be mentioned under your signature invariably in all your mails.

When you have completed your consultation, please obtain your Reference Number (File Number), which may be of use later.

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Amount of Consultation Fees is not prescribed and left to your own comfort & convenience.  For details & Payment Methods,  please  Click Here
Raajayogam Astrologer, Numerologist & Vaasthu Consultant

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