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Marriage Matching  Topic
Marriage Matching - Nakshatra Porutham
Nakshatra Porutham - also known as Dhina Porutham - is the prime matter in matching two horoscopes.  This, as also some other factors in Dasama Porutham, considers the natural tendencies of the individual - whether a boy or a girl - and decides in the initial stage whether there is scope for further scrutiny of both horoscopes.

(But, there are also certain conditions, that only Nakshatra Porutham will not match - but other Poruthams are almost above satisfactory level.  That is a different consideration)

The general rule in Nakshatra Porutham is that, counting from the Nakshatra of the girl, if the boy's Nakshatra is the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 20th, 22nd, 24th, 26th and 27th Nakshatra, it should be considered as matching in the initial stage.

In the above list, the 7th Nakshatra from that of the girl is not indicated as matching.

In the following pair of Nakshatras, the first is the Girl's Nakshatra and the second with which it matches even as the 7th Nakshatra is the Boy's Nakshatra.
1.  Bharani with Poosam 
2.  Thiruvadirai with Uthiram 
3.  Punarpoosam with Hastham
4.  Poosam with Chithirai
5.  Pooram with Anusham
6.  Moolam with Poorattathi 
7.  Uthiradam with Revathi

However, this can be taken only as a matter of exemption and it is not advisable to take it to the normal course of matching.

If there are compelling reasons for marriage between the girl and the boy like love affairs where the concerned persons are also particular about being satisfied about horoscope aspects, compelling relationships, or very belated marriages beyond normal age are some such incidences, where these exemptions can be taken advantage of.
The 22nd Nakshatra from the Nakshatra of the Girl is normally accepted as matching.  But, if the Boy's Nakshatra happens to be the 4th Paadam of the 22nd Nakshatra from the Girl's Nakshatra, it should be avoided.

The 27th Nakshatra is indicated as matching.  This is subject to the condition that both Nakshatras fall within the same Raasi.  If the Raasis happen to be 12th from the Girl and 2nd from the Boy, the 27th Nakshatra should be avoided.  In most cases, this will render a Thwi-Dwadasa Dosham, which is a negative indicator in the Raasi Porutham.

The first Nakshatra is not indicated as matching in the normal course.  This means that the Girl and the Boy belong to the same Nakshatra.  This is called Eka Nakshatra.
Some Nakshatras are described as Uthama Porutham (best matching) in Eka Nakshatra.

Rohini, Thiruvadirai, Makam, Hastham, Visakam, Uthirattathi and Revathi are the Nakshatras which fall under 'Uthama Porutham' (best matching) in Eka Nakshatras.

Aswini, Krithigai, Mrigaseersham, Punarpoosam, Poosam, Pooram, Uthiram, Chithirai, Anusham, Pooradam and Uthiradam are the Nakshatras which are considered as moderately matching (Madhdhima Porutham) in Eka Nakshatra.

Other Nakshatras are not considered as matching in Eka Nakshatra.
For the convenience of users, the list of Nakshatras in chronological order is given below.
List of Nakshatras in the chronological order

1.   Aswini
2.   Bharani
3.   Karthigai
4.   Rohini
5.   Mrigaseersham
6.   Thiruvadirai
7.   Punarpoosam
8.   Poosam
9.   Ayilyam
10. Makam
11. Pooram
12. Uthiram
13. Hastham
14. Chithirai
15. Swathi
16. Visakam
17. Anusham
18. Kettai
19. Moolam
20. Pooradam
21. Uthiradam
22. Thiruvonam
23. Avittam
24. Sadayam
25. Poorattathi
26. Uthirattathi
27. Revathi