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Marriage Matching  Topic
Marriage Matching    >>>  Raasi Porutham
Raasi Porutham is one of the important factors in horoscopes matching.  This generally indicates what naturally is the temperament of the horoscope person and tries to evolve a cohesive theory that the two horoscopes are capable of going together in life to make a cohesive family.

In general, the 6th place, the 8th place and the 12th place are known as hidden places in a horoscope.

If the Raasi of the Girl and the Boy fall in 6th, 8th or 12th place to the Raasi of the other one, it is considered as not matching.  In a broad sense, if this aspect is satisfied, Raasi Porutham can be considered as matching.

In the normal course, Sama Sapthama Raasis - that is if the Raasis of the Girl and the Boy are 7th to each other - it is considered as most appropriate.

But this Sama Sapthama Raasi principle will not apply to Katagam & Makaram Raasis and also Simham & Kumbam Raasis.

Though Katagam / Makaram and Simham / Kumbam are Sama Sapthama Raasis, these are not matching raasis.
Normally, except Katagam, Makaram, Simham & Kumbam, the 7th Raasi from that of the girl is most appropriate.   In addition, 1st Raasi (Eka Raasi) - subject to some conditions, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th 10th and 11th Raasis from the Raasi of the girl are also considered as matching.

In the case of Eka Raasi - that is if the Raasi of the Girl and the Boy are one and the same - it is desirable that the Girl's Nakshatra falling before the Boy's Nakshatra are avoided.  This however, need not be followed as a mandate.

In the case of Eka Raasi where the Girl's Nakshatra falls before the Boy's Nakshatra, Aswini, Krithigai, Rohini, Makam, Hastham, Swathi, Sadayam and Pooradam are the Girl's Nakshatra, that are exempted from the common rule that the Girl's Nakshatra should not fall before the Boy's Nakshatra in an Eka Raasi.  Again, this need not be considered as a mandate.
Sashtashtaga Dosham:

If the Girl's Raasi and the Boy's Raasi fall on 6th or 8th to each other, then it is considered as Sashtashtaga Dosham.

This is a general indicator of Sashtashtaga Dosham.  There are exemptions.   There are certain certain Sashtashtaga Raasis which are exempted.  In Tamil Astro terminologies, these are called Anuhoola Sashtashtagam.

Such Anuhoola Sashtashtaga Raasis are not Doshams - and they can well be considered as  matching to each other.      

Such  Anuhoola Sashtashtagams are favourable matches in so far as Raasi Porutham is concerned.

The Girl's Raasis exempted from Sashtashtaga Dosham in respect of particular Boy's Raasis are follows:
Girl's Raasi                     Boy's Raasi

Mesham        >>>>        Kanni
Midhunam     >>>>        Vrichigam
Thulam         >>>>         Meenam
Dhanur          >>>>        Rishabham
Kumbam       >>>>        Katagam   
If Mesham, Midhunam, Thulam, Dhanur or Kumbam is the Raasi of the Girl, it is exempted from Sashtashtaga Dosham from their respective  6th Raasi Kanni, Vrichigam, Meenam, Rishabham and Katagam respectively.

Other Raasis falling 6th or 8th from the Girl's Raasi  suffer Sashtashtaga Dosham.
Thwi-Dwadasa Dossham:

If the Raasi of the Girl and the Boy are the 12th and 2nd to each other, it is called Thwi-Dwadasa Dosham.   For example, if Mesham is the Raasi of the Girl and Meenam is the Raasi of the Boy, Mesham is the 2nd Raasi from Meenam and Meenam is the 12th Raasi to Mesham.

Such Raasis of the Girl and the Boy next to one another fall under Thwi-Dwadasa Dosham.

In the also, there are exemptions.  If Rishabham, Kanni, Vrichigam or Meenam is the Raasi of the Girl, Thwi-Dwadasa Dosham is exempted with the Raasi which is 12th to the Girl's Raasi.  For example, if Rishabham is the Raasi of the Girl, If the Boy's Raasi is Meenam, it is exempted.

If the Boy's Raasi is Midhunam which is 2nd to Rishabham, the exemption will not apply.