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In Marriage Matching there is no prescribed parameter to say that certain Nakshatra is physically compatible with any other Nakshatra.

Yoni Porutham, which deals with the physical compatibility of the Girl and the Boy, only prescribes that certain Nakshatras are NOT compatible with certain other  Nakshatras.

It has to be assumed that when certain Nakshatras are NOT compatible; other Nakshatras are naturally compatible or not incompatible.

In physical and emotional relationship between the husband and wife, it can never be defined that two individuals - a male and female - will have the same emotional level and physical compatibility.

In one occasion the relationship will be gratifying to both and in some other occasions it may not be so.  It is quiet but natural.

But, there are certain individuals who never meet the level of satisfactory physical and emotional relationship. 

Such individuals are identified in Yoni Porutham.
This why it prescribes that certain Nakshatras are not compatible instead of saying that certain Nakshatras are compatible.

Our ancient science has taken the ground reality of human behaviour in sexual relations and as such have prescribed the incompatibility - so that others can be construed as compatible.

This is the way in which Yoni Porutham is defined in marriage matching.

The 27 Nakshatras are grouped by indicating an animal for one or more Nakshatras in a group.
The concept is when a Nakshatra is grouped under the animal 'Rat' and when some other Nakshatra is grouped under the animal 'Cat', it is considered that these two Nakshatras do not match in Yoni Porutham.

For the reason that Cat and Rat are two animals which are rivals to each other, they can not live together.

If they do, the rat will become the breakfast of the cat.  They are natural rivals.

Yoni Porutham is defined only such an order - in that - certain Nakshatras fall under certain animal group.

The Nakshatras which fall in the rival animal group or groups are incompatible Nakshatras.   
In this chapter, we are going to ignore the animal names to some extent and going to see which Nakshatras are not compatible to which Nakshatras - of course based on the results of ancient methodology.Now let us look into which nakshatras are NOT compatible with which Nashatras.  The incompatibility should be verified from both the Girl & the Boy Nakshatras.Aswini & Sadayam (Kudirai - Horse) are inimical to ..    Swathi & Hastham

Bharani & Revathi (Yanai - Elephant) are inimical to .. Poorattathi, Avittam, Visakam & Chithirai

Krithigai & Poosam (Aadu - Goat)  are inimical to .. Pooradam, Thiruvonam, Poorattathi, Avittam, Visakam & Chithirai

Rohini & Mrigaseersham  (Paambu - Snake)  are inimical to .. Uthiradam

Thiruvadirai & Moolam (Naay - Dog)  are inimical to ..  Kettai & Anusham

Punarpoosam & Ayilyam (Poonai - Cat)  are inimical to .. Makam & Pooram

Uthiram & Uthirattathi (Pasu - Cow)  are inimical to .. Visakam, Chithirai, Poorattathi & Avittam

Hastham & Swathi (Erumai - Buffallow)  are inimical to ..  Aswini & Sadayam

Chithirai & Visakam (Puli - Tiger)  are inimical to ..  Uthiram, Uthirattathi, Anusham, Kettai, Poosam, Krithigai, Bharani & Revathi

Anusham & Kettai (Maan - Deer)  are inimical to .. Moolam, Thiruvadirai, Visakam, Chithirai, Avittam & Poorattathi

Pooradam & Thiruvonam (Kurangu - Monkey)  are inimical to .. Poosam & Krithigai

Avittam & Poorattathi (Singam- Lion)  are inimical to .. Bharani, Revathi, Poosam, Krithigai, Uthiram, Uthirattathi, Kettai & Anusham

Uthiradam (Keeri) is inimical to Rohini & Mrigaseersham

Yoni Porutham should be weighed from both Nakshatras (of the Girl & the Boy).