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In naming or renaming a person or business, we use the letters, known as alphabets.    English is the language in use for numerological calculations.  As such the numerical value is assigned to every English alphabet.  Each letter in English carry a numerical value which we count upon in determining the numerical value of a Name.

The Navagrahas are represented by Numbers and each letter in the alphabets is assigned a number.

The aggregate value of the numerical value of each letter in a Name is arrived at by adding the value of each letter in the name with one another.
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The aggregate total is again added with one another and a single digit number is arrived at.

This is considered as the numerical value of the Name with respect to Numerology.

Assume a Name 'Sri Durga".

The numerical value of each letter in Sri Durga is added with one another and the aggregate figure is arrived at.

The Name "Sri Durga" renders the numerical values  S = 3, R = 2,  I = 1,  D = 4, U = 6, R = 2, G = 3 and A = 1.

The numerical value of the name "Sri Durga" is  3+2+1+4+6+2+3+1 = 22.  The aggregate numerical value of the name "Sri Durga" is 22.

In numerology, we count numbers only between 1 and 9.

Necessarily the value 22 has to be reduced to a single digit by adding 2and 2. 
This renders a total of 4, and this is the Numerical Value of the Name Sri Durga.

The numerological value of the name 'Sri Durga" is thus 4. This is how the numerical value of Names are arrived at in Numerology.For the purpose of deriving the numerical value of a Name, every letter in English alphabet needs to be assigned a numerical value.

In Numerology, the letters of the alphabets are assigned a number each.  The Numbers in the range from 1 to 9 are used in Numerology.
While the numbers 1 to 9 are assigned one each to Navagrahas, the alphabets are assigned only numbers from 1 to 8.
The reason is that the value 9 will render the same result when added to another like the null value zero.Let us assume that a name has a numerical value of 25 aggregating to a single digit number 7.

If 9 were assigned to any letter and if that letter has to be added to the name, the result will be that 25+9 = 34.

By adding 9, the same 7 is again returned in a different form.
Adding 9 to any number will return the same number as if a zero is added or no other value is  added.It means that 9 carries no impact when it is added to any number.  When added, 9 will only produce the same original number as if no number was added to the original number or zero was added to the original number.

This is the reason, why the number 9 is not assigned to any letter in the English alphabets.

Now let us have a look at the Letters and the Numbers assigned to each letter.  The following is the list of letters with their relative Numerical value assigned to the letters.Number assigned to each Letter
A, I, J, Q, Y    are assigned    1

B, K, R           are assigned    2

C, G, L, S       are assigned    3

D, T, M           are assigned    4
E, H, N, X       are assigned    5

U, V, W          are assigned    6

O, Z                are assigned    7

F, P                are assigned    8
It may be noted that  0 and 9 are not assigned to any letter in the above list, for the reasons explained above.