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Transit PredictionsYear 2014 PredictionsGuru Peyarchi 2014 PredictionsRaahu Kethu Peyarchi 2014 Predictions
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Sani Peyarchi 2014 Predictions
Numerology Our Name Sentiments Name & Naming Alphabets & Values Numbers & Navagrahas Name Vibration Baby Names
Several thousands of babies would be born on a particular day and the numbers associated with a date can not be a common factor to determine the lucky number of all the children on any particular date.

There should be a scale which can narrow down the number of children which will belong to a lucky number or a group of such lucky numbers on any date.

The most appropriate scale with which the lucky number of the new born baby (or an individual for that matter), which will closely identify the child or individual, is  only the horosscope of the baby (or the individual) which is dependent on the birth time, birth date and birth place of the baby or individual.
The lucky number of the baby or the individual as such is dependent on its horoscope and is not simply related to the date of birth of the child, which more common to thousands of such babies born on that date.

Elsewhere in this section, we are going to look into the system of Numerology which relies upon the birth date only which will be helpful to those who are not sure about their birth time and who can not prepare their proper horoscope and identify their lucky number or numbers.

We are going to discuss both sides - for the reason - that Numerology should be helpful even to those who do not have their horoscope or precis birth details to enable generating a horoscope.
The generic method has the risk of trying in a wider range.

If one number fails to respond over time, we should be prepared to adopt alternative numbers to make it work.  In different Articles under Numerology, we are going to explore all the means of naming a child, naming a business or corporate naming, re-naming an individual, re-naming a corporate or business and everything related to names consistent with numerology.

We are also going to explore, how a change of name should be implemented in respect of an individual and as well in respect of a business.

Analytical information on Numerology and the manner in which it should be implemented are going to be published soon under the topic Numerology.  Keep checking in for new updates.
Each Number from 1 to 9 denotes one of the 9 Navagrahas. Thus in this website section, we are going to see at some length the various aspects involved in the Name and its numerical and planetary values.

I am trying to publish as much information as possible in this respect, so that the user will find it very useful for practical applications.  You can check your own Name, the Names of your family members and friends or the Name your Business and find out if it really is good and prosperous.

You will also find sources with which you can correct your Name(s), if it is not in order or numerology compliant.

It is your Name where your power to act and achieve is lying. The more energetic and the more vibrant your Name is, the more creativity grows within you. The more power and influence you bring upon whom so ever you are dealing with.
Both aspects of a name viz, the numerical value and the sound vibration of a name are important to make the name effective. 

Now the question is - how we are going to arrive at the right numerical value of a Name.   In the normal course, the birth date and the total value of the date of the birth are taken into account in determining the prosperous lucky number of an individual.
If the lucky numbers so arrived at are conflicting with the Horoscope of the baby or individual, then the findings in the horoscope should be given paramount importance and should be taken into consideration.

If we are having the horoscope or the birth details for deciding the lucky numbers of the child, it is well and good.

Work out the Grahas that are conducive to the prosperity of the horoscope and simply name the child after the numbers that pertain to the favourable Grahas.

For this purpose, a little deeper awareness of Astrology is a must.

When you consider the Horoscope and decide the lucky numbers, then there is no problem.

If you do not have the birth details and have only the date of birth, then a trial and error practice might become unavoidable.
Your Name denotes you and only you.  You have your identity in this world only by your name.  There are other indicators about your luck and prosperity.   These are denoted by the numbers that pertain to you by way of your birth.

If the number or numbers favourable or lucky to you  are denoted by your birth date, the same should be the case for the thousands of children born on that date.
Therefore, there should be a more precise pointer to your individual lucky number or numbers which are unique to you.  This objective is served by your Horoscope which counts on your  Birth Time,  Birth Date and Birth Place.
The number or numbers that are favourable and lucky  to your fortunes  can be precisly identified from your Horoscope.
But, there are occasions where the incumbent does  not know his/her exact birth time, birth date and birth place.   Though being rare, such cases still exist.

There may be customary reasons or there might be no significance attached to preserving the accurate birth details.
In such cases a generic method of Numerological conclusions can be adopted.

We will have to correlate your experiences and important events in life and take into consideration the Birth Date based calculations and finally arrive at a conclusion.
There are chances for error in this method.  We will have to adopt a trial and error method in some cases.   When no complete birth information is available, this method can be resorted to.  More so, this will be helpful in renaming, business / corporate naming and the like.
The name is not conluded on its numerological value alone.  The vibration also counts.  The vibration the name produces is also equally important.  This must be born in mind in concluding the name of an individual or that of a corporate / business.
The first part which is dependant on the horoscope is known as Astro Numerology, which is much closer to the individual.

The second part which deals with the date of birth alone, is more generic in nature.  Of course, with this we can identify a lucky number and prescibe a name, depending on the birth date.