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Guru Peyarchi 2014
Guru Peyarchi takes place in the middle of  June this year 2014. 

In one calculation it happens on Wednesday the 18th June 2014 at 09-35 PM.  Guru Baghwan is moving from Midhuna Raasi into Kataga Raasi.  The time and date of transition may vary from Panjangam to Panjangam.  We only have to take the gross figure that Guru Peyarchi takes place in the middle of June.

Guru in Katagam is in his Uchcham state (exalted).  For those whom he is going to favour, the benefits will be in a greater proportion and for those whom he is unfavourable the problems will be to the minimum extent possible.

Exalted Guru almost never spoils.  However, the Sthana Balam that Guru acquires should not be under estimated.  Sthana Balams are there to deliver thieir respective results or benefits.  Still, the severity or intensity will be high in respect of benefits and will be low in respect of adverse effects.
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