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Guru Peyarchi 2013 Predictions
Guru Peyarchi 2013

Guru Baghwan is transiting from Rishaba Raasi into Midhuna Raasi

Guru Peyarchi in this year takes place on Thursday the 30th of May 2013 at 08 -16 PM (IST).

This is according to one calculation based on Thirukkanitha Panjangam.

According to Suddha Vaakiya Panjangam Guru Peyarchi takes place at 09-18 PM on May 28th 2013.

Temples adapt the timings of Suddha Vaakkiya Panjangam and Guru Peyarchi Archanas and Parihara Poojas in the Temples are normally performed on 28-05-2013 or depending on practical convenience on 29-05-2013.

If you wish to perform Archana to Lord Dakshinamoorthy (Guru Baghwan), you can perform it preferably on 28th or 29th May 2013.

If your timings do not permit, there is nothing wrong if you perform Archana or other Poojas for Guru Baghwan on 30th or 31st of May 2013
I was totally unable to write Guru Peyarchi Predictions last year.  Now I am only in a state that I can manage with efforts. 

It does not infer that I have turned out to be in normal health. 

Therefore please avoid emails without From Address Phone Nos & Email Ids and make me suffer searching or hunting for them again and again.                                                                               --- Krishnaganth Iyer
Guru Peyarchi 2013  Predictions