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Guru Peyarchi 2013  Predictions - Kanni Raasi
Guru Peyarchi 2013 Predictions -  Kanni Raasi

Guru Baghwan comes into the 10th house to your Raasi.   During the last one year when Guru Baghwan was in the 9th place, you would have found yourself in a comfortable zone.   Ambitions would have been easy to achieve.   The difficulties you ought to suffer because of the 7-1/2 year Saturn period would have been largely offset by Guru in the 9th house..

There is going to be a distinct difference when Guru Baghwan traverses through your 10th house from you Janma Raasi.   Time will appear to be good and rewarding.  Everything will appear to be normal and smooth going.
But a shell is very likely to explode under your feet without any prior warning.

Beware that there is every possibility that you might change or leave your business.  If you are an employed person, there is every probability that you might go jobless.

Something will happen and you might feel it humaliating and suddenly you may decide to resign.   Or the employer may at any point of time ask you to resign or may even lay you off.

You should be prepared to accept if your junior is given promotion over your head.
Or the other way around, you may be stripped off your responsibilities and may be required to report to someone who is not worth your calibre or you might be shifted to a different location against your will and pleasure..  If you are reluctant, you will have no other option except to quit.

In some cases, you may be made a scapegoat to bear the ill name that someone has actually earned and you will not be able to speak out.

You may have to physically separate from your family and live aloof.

If you are planning to buy a house or flat, still you can do.  Only you will have to bear some extra expenses which will happen anyway.

With all your strain in your business or official front, there are chances that some Subha Kaarya like marriage or Child Birth will take place in your family.   This will be a solace.  All the problems in your official front will be there just for an year and you can see breeze again.
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