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Guru Peyarchi 2013  Predictions - Kataga Raasi
Guru Peyarchi 2013 Predictions -  Kataga Raasi

Guru Baghwan is moving into the Viraya Sthanam to your Raasi.

The name of the sthanam itself represents what it means.  Virayam means wasteful or unproductive expenses.

The implied effect is nothing different from what it means.

You should be prepared to spend and substantially increase your liabilities.

If you are shrewd and if your Dasa Bukthis are favourable, you can convert this Virayam (Waste Expenditure) and it associated liabilities into a Subha Virayam.

Instead of simply spending money on its own demand, you can create a demand and spend the money and create liabilities thereof.
For instance, you can perform the impending marriage or construct or buy a house and spend the money and create the liabilities.

The above are the typical examples.  It all depends on your running Maha Dasa and other formation of your horoscope.

If you are an employed person, chances are there that you might be relocated to a distant place or you will have to seek a job change which will result in a change of location.

Unless you are otherwise running a favourable time period as per your Dasa Bukthi and also as per the formation of your horoscope, it is advised that you do not take any hard decisions about a change in your job.

It might result in problems instead of giving you raise in your position.

There will be some financial stress.  It will be difficult to manage the befalling expenses.

There is a risk of getting involved in some accident.  Drive carefully and without inhibition  of over confidence or fear.

Some persons will acquire infections compelling a hospitalisation and resulting expenses and strain.

Some will have to travel abroad in distress.  Travelling abroad during this time will be for survival and aimed at prosperity.

Do not lend money or stand guarantee for repayment of any loan during this time.  The money you give will not come back in time or the guarantee you provided will stand on your way for growth or even survival.

Something will happen that will reduce your image in the public eye.  Even a very normal thing you do may be concocted to be gravious and you might be taken to task.

There are probabilities that you might be aggrieved on the loss of your close relative.

This is a period when you have to fight tough with time.  As Kataga Raasi person, you are having the courage and confidence to fight and overcome any odds.  You will overcome.  Only you have to wait and keep fighting your time.
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