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Guru Peyarchi 2013  Predictions - Thula Raasi
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You can recover the pending loans. 

Financially this will be an excellent period.

Subha Kaarya like marriage and child birth will take place during this period.  Even long awaited Subha Kaarya are very likely to materialize during this period.

In the overal, the one year period ahead of Guru Peyarchi will be a period of all out cheers and happiness.

Guru Baghwan comes into the 9th house to your Raasi.   The period of one year ahead is simply going to be exceptionally good.   New opportunity will be opening and the existing business will register greater turn over and higher profits.

Though the impact of Sirasu Sani will pull back your growth and progress, it is not likely to have great impact in view of the fact that Sani Baghwan is believed to be soft towards your Raasi.  Still it is Uchcha Sani (exalted) and hence a little caution is necessary in health and financial commitments.
Guru Peyarchi 2013 Predictions -  Thula Raasi
If you are contemplating a new business or new venture, this is the right time for it.  This is a good period for profitable investments.

If you are an employed person, you will have a substantial increase in your remuneration.

People awaiting promotions will get their due.

There will be a change of location associated with your promotion

Some will have opportunities to travel abroad which will help stem up your economic growth and stability.

Impending litigations or arbitrations or mediations will be decided in your favour.
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