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2014 Year Predictions
A general prediction for all the 12 Raasis for the year 2014.

This year 2014, is significant for the reason that Guru Peyarchi and Raahu Kethu Peyarchi are taking place in the middle of the year and Sani Peyarchi is taking place by the end of the year.

The transitions of Guru, Raahu and Kethu and as well Sani are going to give varying effects in the year.   It is going to be a mixture of both good and bad.
I may mention the good and bad effects that the Graha Peyarchi of Guru, Raahu and Kethu and as well Sani.

The predictions may appear to be conflicting with one statement with another for the reasons stated above.

Readers are advised to take a comprehensive view of the overall predictions.
Please bear in mind that all the three Graha Peyarchis viz Guru, Raahu & Kethu and Sani are taking place in this year
Please Click the respective Raasi below to read the Year 2014 Predictions of the respective Raasi.
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Guru Peyarchi takes place on 18th June 2014,

Raahu Kethu Peyarchi takes place on 14th July 2014


Sani Peyarchi takes place on 2nd November 2014.

These are my time calculations.   The dates may vary with various Panjangams.