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2014 Year Predictions
The beginning of the year sounds a small Alarm Bell.  There might be problems in the work place or office or with your employer.

Relationships with your superiors might strain beyond reasons.  The strain might evn risk your job.

It is better you compromise yourself on issues and try to keep a cohesive relationship with your superiors and colleagues.
On the personal and family side also, there might be problems in your relationships.

Some unwanted elements will become inevitable part of your day to day life and these relationships might spoil your social respect and reputation .

It is better to stay away from people who are not upto your social status.

Guru in the 3rd house, Sani and Raahu in the 7th house and Kethu in your Janma Raasi Mesham are all the contributing factors for the decline of your personal respect.
During the Vakram (Retrograde) period of Sani Baghwan between  3, March and 21 July 2014, you have to be all the more flexible and understanding so as to saail a smooth family relation.

This period is more likely to give you mental unrest rather than any material loss.  Almost you will not materially suffer - but a lot of it will be there mentally.
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Guru in the 3rd house during the first half of the year will of course mean a tight financial position.  You will not be able to spend liberally nor quench your needs without cutting corners.  Money of course will be tight fit into your budget.
With all these strains, you can rest assured that there will not be a sustained damage, if you are cautious and flexible with your colleagues.
There are people who expect a promotion or increment which is very much due during this time period.

Try to assimilate the hard truth that this is not time for a promotion or recognition of your services and give you due benefits therefor.

But this is time, with all your hard work and sweat, you are only in a position at the best to ensure that your job is safe.  This is what your time speaks until Guru transits into your 4th house Katagam.
By the middle of June 2014, Guru Baghwan moves into the 4th house Katagam.  The main advantage of this change is the risk element that prevailed upon the security of job will be gone.  You do not have to be worried whether your job is a sustained and secured one.  You will be safe.  Your financial status will be a little relaxing.  When compared to the past, this will really be a great progress and relief.
But Guru Peyarchi naturally involves other related worries.  You still will have to have a balanced and flexible relationships with your relatives, family members and as well friends.

Also, you might have to run from pillar to post to have your things done.  Things will not be easy moving.  You will have to run after them and follow them to have done.

You will have to get away with a state of confused mind.  You will be hesitant to make hard decisions.  Even if you make fast decisions, it is difficult that they are correct decisions and you will find it very difficult to carry out or execute your decisions.
When Sani Vakram reverts and Raahu moves into Kanni Raasi in July 2014 and with Guru in the 4th place, you will be in a comfortable time zone.

You will be able to build or re-build relationships and it will be smooth going.

There will be progress in your economic status.  Your financial well being will become strong.

If you are on the look out for a change in career, this will be a conducive time to initiate your efforts. 

During the first half of the year, everything would have been difficult to achieve and would have needed the extra efforts to serve their objective.

During the second half of the year, it is apparent that with Raahu in the 6th house and Guru in the 4th house and Sani in the 7th house, it is apparent that your efforts will be very much successful.

In 90 percent of cases it is also true that the apparent picture is the actual picture.

But the concept remains that Sani Baghwan will deliver his effects of the next house, six months prior to his actual transition.
Considering this aspect, there is another risk, that Ashtama Sani which is due to take place after  2nd November 2014, will start delivering its effects.

As a result, there can be health problems in tis initial stage if you are enough old.  If you are young and still capable of fighting the life, this period will tell you how to face the problems of life.

Problems will start creeping up during this period and you will also be able to handle them in a fitting manner for the reason that Raahu is there in the 6th house and Guru is there in the 4th house, in his Uchcham state (exalted).

Guru and Raahu will also ensure your financial stability and well-being during the second half of the year.

As such, a financial or economic problem is not foreseen in the second half of 2014, but there can be some health issues or health related expenses.